What kind of portable generators do you recommend for power supply of a DC Monolight such as D2 on-location?

Modified on Wed, 16 Jun 2021 at 02:44 PM

We only recommend using pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverters.  And ensure that the generator is two times the maximum watts/sec rating vs the flash. 

We can't recommend any specific generators but we can advise on what to look for and what settings should be selected on the D2.

  • Always turn modeling light off since it consumes almost 300 Watts.
  • The power draw during the flash recycling can be changed by accessing the speed setting in the Special Settings menu on the D2.  Set the speed to the lowest setting (25%).
  • The generator needs to be able to meet the peak power consumption of the D2 during flash recycling.  The D2s peak power draw during flash recycling is:
    • 400 Watts RMS on 25% speed setting.
    • 900 Watts RMS on 50% speed setting
    • 1400 Watts RMS on MAX speed setting. 
  • If you're able to find a used BatPac, it can power up to 3 D2s (1200 Watts) if the speed settings is set to 25%.  The flash recycling will then take up to 5 seconds on a D2 1000 or 2.5 seconds on D2 500. 
We hope this helps!

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