Which softboxes can I use with the Zoom Rod S?

Modified on Wed, 22 May 2024 at 08:20 AM

The Zoom Rod S is compatible with all heat resistant softboxes like RFi Softboxes, the Profoto Softboxes as well as the Soft Zoom reflectors. However we recommend using it with a softbox that is min. 34 cm/13 in. deep in case you want to be able to it with a diffuser on.

For the best light effect, the larger Octa and Rectangular shapes of the RFi softboxes are the most suited. These will allow for for creating both hard and soft light depending on the position of the flash.

List of recommended light shapers:

  • RFi Softbox 2x3' (60x90cm)
  • RFi Softbox 3x4' (90x120cm)
  • RFi Softbox 4x6' (120x180cm)
  • RFi Softbox 2x2' (60x60cm)
  • RFi Softbox 3x3' (90x90cm)
  • RFi Softbox 3' (90cm) Octa
  • RFi Softbox 4' (120cm) Octa
  • RFi Softbox 5' (150cm) Octa
  • RFi Softbox 1x3' (30x90cm)
  • RFi Softbox 1x4' (30x120cm)
  • RFi Softbox 1x6' (30x180cm)
  • Soft Zoom Reflector 120
  • Soft Zoom Reflector 180
  • Profoto Softbox 3' Octa
  • Profoto Softbox 2x3'
  • Profoto Softbox 1x4' Strip

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