4.0 for new Vertical and Horizontal

Modified on Mon, 08 May 2023 at 02:45 PM

Release date: August 31, 2022

The latest versions of Vertical and Horizontal with the larger iPad Pro and EOS-R camera now support software versions 4.0. 

4.0 is a radical new reimagining of the workflow for Horizontal and Vertical StyleShoots machines. Based on a ground up rewrite of the Horizontal and Vertical codebase in Swift, 4.0 evolves the way you use Horizontal and Vertical to bring the rich and intuitive experience of using Eclipse and Live on the iPad to all StyleShoots systems. This rich user experience builds on the feature set of the newer StyleShoots machines to bring you new features adding more control and a larger canvas for your creativity.

Larger Display - Easy review of shots in one unified view

This new 4.0 app looks stunning on iPads of all sizes including the larger iPad Pro models in landscape orientation. With a split Gallery View and Live View, Composer makes it easier to see your progress and review shots in one simple unified view.

Light controller - A more finite control over your lights

Lighting controller has been updated to give you more finite control over your StyleShoots lights. You can switch off lights individually to give you exactly the look you want and you can still save out your favourite settings as presets for future projects.

Updated Auto Alpha - 10x faster background removal at the push of a button

The world’s favorite automated background removal tool has been supercharged to give a cleaner and more refined cut-out, producing truly stunning background free images at the push of a button and now 10x faster.

Framings and Presets - Predictable and desired output  

Your zoom positions can now be saved as framings for accurate placing of items within the Live View. The placement of the items within the frame will give you exactly what you see in the Live View, once shot, so no unexpected surprises. 

Standard aspect ratios are now available on Horizontal and Vertical, for a more predictable and desired output, including a new 1:1 aspect ratio.

White Balance - Easy altering of white balance based on current lighting condition

White balance and calibration of the system Backlight, Caddy fixtures and Podium have now been split into separate functions which means greater set up speed when all you want to do is alter the white balance based on the current lighting conditions.

File handling and File presets - Simplified sorting and compressing in PNG, TIF, JPG and RAW formats

Files now have format and sorting options in line with StyleShoots Eclipse and Live, options for PNG, Tiff and Jpeg along with RAW formats are still available now with simplified compression options as well as sorting options based on preferred way of working.

Sessions - Smart grouping of images by product

Product images are now broken down into shoot “Sessions” for easier grouping, at a glance you can see on the sessions screen a product thumbnail and the number of images associated with that product. Images can also be saved in relevant folders for a more organised file structure.

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