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Modified on Fri, 17 May 2024 at 12:39 PM

Eclipse requires a network connection

Eclipse machines must be connected to the internet for Profoto to provide you with full support and to enable delivery of remote software updates.

Network Configuration

To ensure proper functionality, some technical requirements need to be met in your network infrastructure. Please propose the list below to your IT technician to prevent difficulties when configuring Eclipse Network Mode.

  1. Eclipse must be permanently connected through an Ethernet cable to the internal company network and the internet.
  2. StyleShoots can be maintained, diagnosed and updated to run the latest software release via the internet. In order to ensure these operations you need to ensure the following settings in your network infrastructure:
    1. Profoto can connect and maintain an outgoing SSH connection TCP port 22 to host: cloud∙styleshoots∙com
    2. Profoto can connect to Splashtop services for additional management. Read more information on whitelisting Splashtop services.
    3. Apple software updates require whitelisting their servers as specified in
  3. Eclipse’ internal network and router configuration is not customized.
  4. Eclipse’ internal router is allowed to open up Network ports to allow incoming connections to the internal Mac Mini computer. Restricted access to these incoming ports from inside and outside the companies LAN is the responsibility of your IT administrator.
  5. Desktop computers connecting to the StyleShoots Drive shared volume over the company network may need to adjust their internal firewalls or proxy servers to allow at least one of the following protocols:
    1. Apple Filing Protocol – AFP, TCP port 548 (Wikipedia)
    2. Windows File Sharing – SMB, TCP port 445 (Wikipedia)
  6. Eclipse shares files using the standard Apple macOS file sharing services. We will provide a single combination of username and password for all the users that need to connect, read and write on the shared network volume.
  7. StyleShoots must be under an active maintenance contract to receive software updates and remote support.

Note: Please discuss any comments and/or problems you encounter with Profoto support to clarify possibilities or workarounds. We have seen many different setups in our time, and are here to help.

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