ProStudio 4.3 software release for capture and control

Modified on Mon, 06 Nov 2023 at 04:25 PM

This release introduces 2 new features and contains bug fixes:

Elevate your image quality and consistency using overlays. Using an overlay can help you stick to your style guide when shooting multiple items of the same product type. Choose between images or gridlines and adjust the transparency to your liking.

ProStudio for workflow export option:
Have your images upload directly into your ProStudio work order by simple tapping ProStudio for workflow as an export location. Images are uploaded and immediately available as part of your work order.

Pixelz and Bright River:
Export your images and video straight to one of Profoto’s preferred retouch partners at the push of a button, saving you extra steps and keeping your production on track.Elevate your image quality and consistency by overlaying guides on your photos. From Images to gridlines,the same overlay can be used on all your automated systems increasing your image quality and accuracy.

A video introduction is available here:



  • Introduces ProStudio for workflow information tab.

  • Offers the ability to show/hide the grid for customized creative vision.

  • Adds new Overlay options for visual consistency.


Bug Fixes:


  • Resolves issues related to camera recording, including failures to stop recording.

  • Improved safety during video preview reshooting.

  • Fixed problems with stopping and pausing the camera simultaneously.

  • Addresses database crashes.

  • Enables continuation of export after errors.

  • Fixed Liveview resumption issues.

  • Resolves image grabber crashes.

  • Reduces memory consumption of Database tools.

  • Fixes LED ring anomalies.

  • Improves functionality for CORE dictated light.

  • Improves ProStudio motors configuration.

  • Improves Auto Alpha calibration settings.

  • Integrates new EOS R variants to CORE.

  • Validates focus coordinates for EOS R variants.

  • Enhanced motor reporting.

  • Safeguards framing setups and ensures all thumbnails are loaded.

  • Implements better handling of video recording failures.

  • Improved mode switching between photo and video.

  • Improved handling of various app crashes, UI issues, and functionality.

  • Enhanced app stability and user experience with UI improvements.

  • Provides better control over session start with the "start" button release.

  • Enables tracking of multiple products/presets with the new status feature.

  • Introduces Pull-To-Refresh for smoother navigation in the Sessions screen.


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