Get started with ProStudio Workflow step by step

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This support article with guide you through how to get started with ProStudio Workflow. This article includes a step-by-step list of base activities for your team to start from. It also contains links to related information to get deep knowledge of how to use different features in ProStudio Workflow.


Login to the platform

Log in to the platform by going to your account URL, e.g.

Plan for photoshoot

  1. Import products
    1. Start by creating the product you will need for the photoshoot. Either create new products or import products to the platform.
  2. Create style guides
    1. Create the style guide and views to be used during the photoshoot.
  3. Create Work order
    1. Add a new Work order by going to the Work order view. Click the Action button to the upper right and click New work order.
    2. Name the Work order and any additional information that has been setup.
  4. Add products to the Work order
    1. Open the created Work order by clicking the description in the list of work orders
    2. Add existing products to the work order by clicking the Action button and Add products
    3. Search existing products by entering a value in the search input field.
      1. If the search result is an exact match the product is added.
      2. If multiple products are found a list with the search result is listed. Select the product from the search results to add
    4. After the list is complete, click the Add button to add the listed products to the open work order.
  5. Connect related product to the main product in the Work order
    1. By clicking a product in the list, on one of the identification attributes with a blue color, to open the product details.
    2. In the product details, open the panel named Related Products.
    3. Use the search field to search for existing products to be related to the selected main product.
  6. Mapp style guide views to the products in the work order
    1. Add style guide views to the product/products in the work order by selecting a product/all products in the list by checking the checkbox in the first column of the product table.
    2. Click the Action button and select Edit Style Guides
    3. Add, replace or remove views to/from the selected products by selecting style guide views in the list
    4. Press Save to execute the change

Photo Shoot

  1. View product details when doing a photoshoot
    1. To view information on planned style guide views and/or related products the detail page can be opened up when doing the photoshoot.
  2. Upload images and videos to the work order
    1. After the photoshoot, it's time to upload the image files. This is done by going to the Upload Assets tab on the Work order.
    2. Upload the image/images by dropping the files in the upload area or by clicking on Browse to select files
    3. There are different options for how mapping can be done of the uploaded files:
      1. Mapping assets to view manually
        1. Upload without asset mapping rule and after uploading manually map files to a style guide view.
      2. Mapping assets to view based on view name
        1. By uploading a file with a name (excluding file extensions like .jpg) equal to the name of the views existing in the work order. All views in the work order are listed under the tab Assets.
          Using the above view name: Bag-green_front as filename will automatically map the uploaded file to the view.
      3. Mapping assets with upload rule
        1. By using an Upload rule, a file can be uploaded with a name that includes a value that can be used to identify an existing product and a value that can be used to identify an existing view mapped to the product.
        2. Upload rules are configured in the Advanced settings, contact the customer success manager to get access to the module or to get help with configuration.

Post production and distribution

  1. Download a single asset, selected assets, or all assets from the Asset tab in the work order.
  2. Upload new versions of an existing asset by name the file being uploaded the same as the existing asset.

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