App and Core 2.2

Modified on Mon, 08 May 2023 at 02:47 PM

Release date: December 11, 2019

Introducing Control Panel with fine grained motor controls

We are happy to be taking the next leap in the direction of more creative flexibility. Our customers love the simplicity and streamlined workflow of StyleShoots. But they also want more control. Step by step we are determined to get there.

New Control Panel

In our 2.2. app we are introducing a new element to our interface – Control Panel – located in the bottom left side of the Composer screen. The panel can be opened with a tap, and closed by sliding it down. It’s home to familiar controls and introduces new ones:

  1. Lights (Light Controller moved to new location)

  2. Exposure (was part of Light Controller)

  3. Motors (new)

Faster addition of new models on Live

On Live you select who appears in your content, so the model’s name can be added automatically to the meta data for later search and analytics. Up to now, it took a few steps too many to add a new model.

Now, you can add a model directly from the ‘New Outfit’ screen. You can also do it from Settings as before.

  1. In the New Outfit screen, scroll all the way to the right in the model selector.

  2. Tap the + and a panel pops up.

  3. If the model is inside the Live machine, the face will automatically be detected. When ready, tap the photo button. You can also use a photo from the iPad’s Photos library.

  4. Enter a name and you’re done.

Keep all / Discard all

Some of you would like to only enable the few photos you want to keep, while others like to only mark the ones you want to discard. In some cases, you’d also like to delete a video from an outfit.

So now we are introducing a new mode:

  • In the upper right corner of the gallery in Composer, tap Select.

  • You can now tap Keep all or Discard all to affect all photos and videos at once.

  • Tap the icon on each photo you want to change the state of.

  • Once you are done, you can tap Done to exit Select mode.

All features

  • NEW: Control Panel. Get quick and accurate access to lights, exposure and motor controls. Gestures in Live View are replaced by the new motor section i Control Panel.

  • NEW: Select mode. Quickly mark all photos and videos in a session for either keeping or discarding.

  • NEW: Model creation. Use the built-in camera on Live to quickly add a new model using face-detection.

  • Browsing the model selector is now using pagination with clear indicators.

  • If you try to initiate a Core update while there is un-exported content, a popup warning will be shown.

  • Handling of motor gestures in the Framing screen is more robust.

  • Long-pressing the green check mark to re-record a clip is now faster and more consistent.

Bug fixes

  • Long release notes are no longer cut off in Settings > Updates.

  • Sequence mode is better guarded against accidental recording of individual clips.

  • The slider on the Delete panel now only appears once all the content previews are fully loaded, so you know exactly what you are removing.

  • The App now looks as it should even if Dark Mode is enabled in iPadOS.

  • Many minor UI improvements.

  • Better cleanup of unused files relating to Video Presets.

  • Fixed a bug that would keep the top view camera running in the background.

  • Fixed a bug that could result in a crash during calibration.

  • Several low level Core stability improvements.

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