App 2.0.4

Modified on Mon, 08 May 2023 at 02:47 PM

Release date: April 29, 2019

Presets and Exports

  • New flow for creating a Preset. We now ensure a name is always added up front, avoiding several popups and other safeguards to prevent presets from ending up without a name.

  • The Export panel would sometimes at first show data from the previous export. No more.

  • Disabling RAW as a File Preset is now stored correctly.

  • It is no longer possible to accidentally export outfits without enabling File Presets. If you’ve forgotten to enable any presets but attempt to export, the missing fields will be highlighted.

Composer and Outfits/Products

  • The New Outfit/Product button can now only be tapped after the Outfits/Products screen has fully loaded, avoiding putting the app into a wrong state.

  • Photo button can now be dragged in Live View, even before selecting a framing preset.

  • If the system is out of internal storage space, the Photo button is now correctly deactivated.

  • When a framing has been manually adjusted and saved in Live View, a check mark is now shown to confirm.

  • Tap to focus can now only be done once the camera has fully moved into position, further guarding against out-of-focus shots.

  • While the camera is moving into position, the buttons on the right side of Live View now are correctly faded out, showing that they can’t be tapped yet.

  • You can now tap the header of the Gallery in the Composer screen to scroll back to the top.

  • When tapping through multiple photos in the Gallery you no longer see a brief black screen in the Review area before the photo loads.

  • The Photo button can no longer get stuck behind the framing preset icons.

  • The product name is now shown in the Composer view next to each Photo Preset area, making it clear which product you are shooting even if you have no Video Presets active.


  • When you update the portrait of a model, the thumbnail is now correctly updated.

  • Long release notes (as this one), are no longer cut off if they exceed a certain number of characters.

  • Various UI compatibility improvements for 3rd generation iPad Pro.

  • Various visual enhancements.

Known bugs

  • Live: If you record a clip that is shared across multiple video presets, the user interface might not automatically update to show the clip in the other videos. Workaround: Exit and re-enter the Composer screen.

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