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Using the Sessions screen | Viewing Sessions | Deleting Products | Exporting Sessions | Export Status | Creating a new Session

Using the Sessions screen

Sessions is the first screen you see when you open the ProStudio iPad app. It's shows all the products you have captured but haven’t exported yet.

Each product card shows an overview image of the product and indicators of how many photos there are in that Session.

Before exporting, your can review your Sessions and delete the ones you don't want to keep. Once you are happy with all your photos, you export.

Note: When your Sessions are exported, they leave the Sessions screen and are no longer visible in the iPad app.

Viewing Sessions

  1. Tap the Session you want to view. This takes you to the Composer screen.
  2. In Composer, you can review all the photos within the Session.

Deleting Products

You can choose which Sessions to export, and which to discard.

NB: Deleting a Session will permanently delete all photos within it.

  1. In the Sessions screen, tap the Check Mark icon of a product to toggle it into a Delete icon. If you change your mind, just tap the icon again. You can also choose select all or deselect all at the top of the gallery.
  2. Once you've marked all the Sessions you want to delete, tap Delete at the top of the screen.
  3. A popover shows you all the content that is about to be deleted. Slide to permanently delete. The Sessions are now discarded.

Exporting Sessions

To export your selected Sessions, tap Export at the top of the screen. The Export Panel will open and let you select a storage volume, a destination folder and which presets to generate. Multiple destinations can be chosen with different export criteria.

  1. In the Export Panel, choose a target volume or volumes.
  2. You will now see a list of the folders in your selected volume.
  3. Pick a folder or enter a create a new one by typing in the New folder... field.
  4. To change which Presets will be created, tap the Photo Presets rows.
  5. Tap Export to start the export process.

NB: When exporting, items marked for deletion are not deleted and remain on the iPad.This can be useful if you want to selectivly export some items but continue to shoot into others.

Tip: You will only see volumes that are currently available. If you see no volumes at all, try inserting another USB stick into StyleShoots.

Export Status

Viewing an ongoing export

  1. The Export Status panel shows you a live status of the export progress along with key info about the export.
  2. To stop an ongoing export, tap Stop Export. Ongoing Products will be finalized, and the rest will be put back in the Sessions screen.

Tip: You can always see info about your latest export. Tap Latest export [date] at the top of the Sessions screen, and a panel will show you all the key info.

Creating a new Session

Please see the Composer section on how to create a new Session.

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