Important notes - Post Production uploaders

Modified on Mon, 29 May 2023 at 01:44 PM

  • Only photos can be exported to Pixelz or Bright River STREAM, videos are not currently supported. If you have videos you want to export, in addition to the Pixelz or Bright River disk, you need to also select another disk (eg, StyleShoots Drive) to allow the export to start. StyleShoots won’t let you continue without selecting an export location for all content types.
  • You can activate StyleShootsDrive and/or any USB / local storage devices simultaneously with the Pixelz or Bright River disk. They will provide a backup for your data and can also have different file presets. For example you could sending  RAW files to Pixelz / Bright River for retouching whilst saving JPG files on the local disk.
  • Usually you should have a single photo preset selected to send to Pixelz / Bright River. If you have more than one, duplicates will be sent to Pixelz / Bright River (one image per format), and you will be charged multiple times by Pixelz / Bright River (as each file would be worked on and therefore chargeable). To avoid this complication, make sure you check the photo file presets carefully before exporting.
  • It is recommended you agree upfront with Pixelz / Bright River which image format you will be sending to them: JPEG/RAW/TIFF and also what sizes and aspect ratios.

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