Import assets using Lightroom/Bridge/Capture One color labels

Modified on Fri, 31 May 2024 at 08:55 AM

Color labels from Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Bridge can be used to map uploaded files to a planned product view in a work order. Below is an explanation of how this can be done.

Colors labels

The feature Labels in Adobe Bridge and Lightroom can be customized. Color and name can be changed. When using labels for mapping, it's recommended to rename the labels to better understand the purpose.

Above is an example of named labels: Front, Back, Detail, Look and Other

Assign labels

Assign Labels to files in Adobe Bridge or Lightroom by selecting one or multiple files. Then go to the context menu/right-click menu and select a label to apply.

Set labels on style guide views

To be able to map with labels, the views need to be configured with the values of the label names. Fill in the attribute configured for the color labels, the recommended attribute name is Color Label on each view.

Setup Upload Rule

To setup Upload rule to use filename pattern for mapping product. And to use Adobe Bridge label to map view.

Uploading and mapping

Upload with the Upload rule by naming the file to map to the product and have a label to map to the view.

Example of configuration

  1. View attribute Label with value Front
  2. Upload Rule using filename pattern for product identification
  3. Upload Rule filename pattern: [ean]_[wildcard]
  4. Upload Rule using Metadata Adobe Bridge label for view identification
  5. Uploaded file is name: 123456786_something.jpeg
  6. Uploaded file is labeled in Adobe Bridge with Front

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