Instruction Manual: Failure Analysis before Warranty Claim

Modified on Sun, 22 Nov 2020 at 12:07 PM

1. Introduction

This instruction will guide you in a brief failure analysis before claiming warranty for Profoto C1 and C1 Plus, it consists of two parts:

  1. Firmware Update
  2. Functional Test

2. Firmware Update

We recommend performing a firmware update before starting the failure analysis. Especially if the unit does not start.

  1. Open the Profoto Camera application.
  2. Insert USB-C cable in Profoto C1 and connect the cable to a charger.
  3. If the status indicator light lights up, skip to step 7. If not, the unit may be broken, or may be stuck in Recovery Mode.
  4. To test for Recovery Mode, bring the smartphone into contact with the Profoto C1 for no less than 5 seconds. Check the smartphone’s screen to see if the Recovery Mode popup appears.
  5. If the popup does not appear, assume the Profoto C1 is broken.
  6. If the popup does appear, press “Update” and skip to step 10.
  7. In Profoto Camera, try to connect to the Profoto C1. If Profoto Camera cannot find the Profoto C1, charge it for a while (5 min) and retry.
  8. In Profoto Camera, go from Camera to Remote Control by pressing the menu icon in the top left corner > select Remote control.
  9. In the “Remote control” menu, press the cogwheel icon to the right of the name of the Profoto C1 > select Advanced > select Firmware update.
  10. Follow instructions on the screen.
  11. When completed, close Profoto Camera and disconnect the USB-C cable.


3. Functional Test

After the firmware update, the hardware shall be analysed by testing the buttons and that the flash is correctly synchronized with the smartphone.

  1. Make sure that the Profoto C1 is not connected to any smartphone application.
  2. Switch on the Profoto C1 > the status indicator light shall fade in green, yellow or red to indicate charge level and then fade in white (if charged properly).
  3. Turn “On” the Continuous light. For Profoto C1 Plus, press +/- to change intensity.
  4. For Profoto C1 Plus, hold the Continuous light button while pressing +/- to change color temperature.
  5. Turn on the Profoto Camera application and connect to Profoto C1 (see previous section) > the status indicator light shall blink blue one time when connecting.
  6. In Profoto Camera, make sure the flash is “On” > set flash level to 10 > turn “Off” the Continuous light > set color temperature to maximum cold.
  7. Take a test picture to ensure that the flash is synchronized with the smartphone and that the cold LEDs are working.
  8. Set color temperature to maximum warm.
  9. Take another test picture to ensure that the warm LEDs are working.
  10. For Profoto C1 Plus, use a Profoto Air Remote to check the Air interface. Set both the Remote and the Profoto C1 Plus to the same channel and then press the test button on the Remote to trigger a flash. If a flash is triggered the Air interface is working.

If all the steps above are passed, the Profoto C1/C1 Plus unit should be fully functional.

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