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This support article will help you understand how to create a Products to a Work Order. This article includes a step-by-step guide with activities necessary to perform.


Products are an essential part to add before starting you photo shot. It is possible to work with assets in a work order without products but if you really want to streamline your production process, products are a key resource to do that. Without products the work you have to do in postproduction may grow dramatically.


To add products to the work order the products must either have been imported to the general product listing or you need to have permission to import via excel.

Add products

In order to upload Assets, the only requirement is that you have a Work Order. But, if you want to relate Assets to a specific product you must add the products to the work order. Products may already exist in the system through the general Products module or you may want to import products from an excel when you create the Work Order.

There are three different ways to add products to a work order:

  1. Search and add products from Work Order
  2. Add from the general product list
  3. Import from an Excel spread sheet directly to the Work Order

1. Search and add products from Work Order

Search for products can be done directly from within the Work Order, this makes it easy to search and add products that have previously been imported to the system, e.g. importing a whole season or a large volume of products that are to be done in smaller batches.

  1. Open the created Work order by clicking the description in the list of work orders
  2. Add existing products to the work order by clicking the Action button and Add products
  3. Search existing products by entering a value in the search input field.
    1. If the search result is an exact match the product is added.
    2. If multiple products are found a list with the search result is listed. Select the product from the search results to add
  4. Click save when all the products has been added, they will be inserted into the Work Order

2. Add from the general product list

Adding from the general product listing can be done in two ways, either by filtering and sorting to find the right products or by creating a list via the "Search and Scan" function. Do the following steps:

  1. Click on the Main menu Products
  2. Select the relevant project if you work with projects
  3. Identify you products via filter and sorting
    1. Open up the filtering tab to filter
    2. Sort the columns if necessary
    3. Select all or specific products
    4. Click "Action/Add to Work Order"
    5. Select the right Work Order and click "Save"
    6. Now your products will appear in the products listing of the specific Work Order
  4. Find products via Search and Scan
    1. Click on the "Seach and Scan" button
    2. A new panel will open
      1. Search can be done by any product information
      2. It is also possible to paste a whole excel column into the search field
      3. Or, you can scan your products with a barcode scanner.
    3. You build your list up to a full list.
    4. It is possible to leave this window and come back later, the earlier search is still there
    5. Onece you have all your required products click "Action/Add to work Order"
    6. Select the right work order and click "Save", 
    7. Now your products will appear in the products listing of the specific Work Order

3. Import products via excel

Importing via excel is a feature to add products in smal batches that are to be done in close proximity of getting the information to the studio, for example a service provider studio that gets a list of products to be shot in one batch. Note: you may need admin user rights to access file import via excel depending on your system set-up.

The import via excel is don by following these steps:

  1. Open the Work Order
  2. Select the Work Order/Products tab
  3. Click Action/Import via excel"
  4. Select the excel to be imported
  5. Select the correct project if you work with projects
  6. Select the excel file to import
  7. Match the columns in the excel with the systems column
  8. Mark if you have a header column
  9. Click next and follow the instructions

The import via excel is described in detail under "Import via excel"

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