Asset Naming Definition

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Most of the studio operations need a way to name images so that they are easily identified. This is as valid for the studio operation as it is for the applications using the asset later on. The best option to do this is to use names and numbers that is commonly used to identify a product or item on the company, it may be the sku’ number or the product number etc. Anything that helps the E-com systemns to understand what product an image belong to.

In order to support this we have implemented an “Asset naming definition” in ProStudio. This naming definition allows you to specify your specific way of naming assets.

Creating the Asset Naming Definition

In order to set your “Asset Naming Definition” you go to: "Settings/Advanced”. Here you will find the menu “Asset Naming Definition" on the left hand side.

Here you find a list of available attributes to select from. Thes are some fixed field as well as som of the dynamically defined fields.


Most of these fields are defined as the fields. you specified under “Product attributes” and the "View Attribute" used for the Style Guide. At the end you have three different options to work with, two are require and one is optional and those are:

  1. Product - Required
  2. View- Required
  3. Sequence - Optional

Product is used to name the product that the asset belong to, e.g. if you set "product code" as in your naming definition it will name the asset with the identified product code.

View is the view name specified on the style guide view. You may easily define a view identity that defines how this view should affect the naming of an asset.

Sequence gives you the option to add a sequence number to your asset name. If you are shooting model images but don’t know from time to time how many variants of a specific view you want, the sequences may help. The sequence automatically steps up the sequence nr as you add assets, e.g. the first asset will be named “…1” and the next will be named “….2” etc.

NOTE: you may use any of the available fields in the list of available attributes shown on the "Asset Naming Definition". The important this is that you gaet something that represent the product and something that represent the view.

Example: If you use the ProductCode to identify your product and ViewId from your style guide to identify your view and underscore to separate between the two you will have all the Assets named to:

  • "ProductCode_ViewId"

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