Asset Status

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Assets are what we are producing using ProStudio and Status is used to make it easy to work with Asset during productions, it is used to visualise where the asset is in the workflow- E.g. to show if an asset is new, in post production or approved.

Configure Asset Status

Each Asset may have different statuses depending on where they are in the workflow. To make this adjustable to your specific needs, these statuses are dynamically defined.


  1. Go to the "Settings/Advanced"
  2. Select "Asset Status"
  3. Click "Add new status"
  4. Fill in the fields
  5. Click "Save"

Filelds to till in

The configuration gives you some options to fill in and these are:

  1. Name
  2. State
  3. Color
  4. Default
  5. Sort Order

Name is what you want to call the status, this is what will be shown in all the panels where the status is visible so names that are explanatory are recommended.

State: Each status will have a "State" connected to it. The different "State" options are fixed and cannot be changed. They are used to be able to monitor progress and measure efficiency. The various "States" are:

  • To Do
  • In Progress
  • Waiting
  • Blocked
  • Completed
  • Cancelled
  • Archived

Color: You may define how many statuses you want, the color of each status and the sort order.

Default for new is the starting status for any newly created workflow, you can only define (1) status to be default for new. 

Sort order is used to define how the dropdown list should appear in the work order dashboard.

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