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Syle Guides are central in ProStudio and serves many purposes, not just providing information to the photographer. Style Guides are attached to products in the Work Order and tells how each product should be captured, e.g. how many views are needed. The Style Guide in ProStudio serves three central purposes:

  1. Give information to the photographer on what to shoot and how
  2. Define how to identify images when they are uploaded
  3. Set the rules for naming you assets.


The Style Guide in ProStudio is structured with some core information about the specific Style and then all the views that are included in the Style Guide, e.g. Front, Left, Back, etc.

Setting up the Style Guide

In order to set up a new Style Guide, you click will lead you to a page with all the available Style Guides.

To create a completely new style guide you simply click on "Create new Style Guide"

If you have may style guides in your system you can always search for them. For this purpose it may be good to have a naming convention that makes searching easy.

General settings

On the first page you are asked to fill in the name and a description of the style guide, this will be displayed on the front page.

You are also able to upload an avatar to show an example of the style guide. This is the image that will be displayued on the main Style Guide page

On the right hand side you will find two buttons:

  • Disable Style Guide is used to put the style guide of line for usage, this is to help you create new style guides and then choose when to publish them
  • Archive Style Guide is used to remove a style guide from the available style guides when they are not to be used anymore.


In the Create Style Guide panel there is a second tab called views. This is used to add all the angles that you want to have on this Style Guide.

NOTE: you may add a lot of views but only use a few of them in production.

The fields that are available on each view is very dependent on how many fields you have defined, for more details about configuring fields, please see "System configuration/View Attributes"

If you add Avatars on each view, these will also be shown on the first page as very small thumbnails.

Quick actions

For convineance sake we have made a few quick actions on the first page. So when you are on the main page and hover over an existing Style Guide you will be shown a black panel on the right hand side of the Style Guide.

  1. The first icon will open up the Style guide for editing
  2. The second icon will allow you to copy the whole style guide to make it easier and faster to produce new ones
  3. The third button is used to disable the style guide. A disabled style guide will have a tag stating that is is disabled
  4. The last icon is used to archive the style guide. It will then disappear from the general listing but can always be retrieved by clicking on the "Include Archived" on the main page.

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