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We usually say that we are a Product first platform. This means that we start by identifying what products to shoot and then we try to find the right sample to represent that product. For this reason we have introduced “Products” into the th platform and this will hold all the relervant product data to make intelligent planning for product photography.



The purpose of having product data in the Studio is to help the studio work more efficiently. If we can add more relevant data into the studio, like product categories, colors, descriptions, gender information, it will be much easier for the studio to plan, collaborate and understand what samples they need.


Unique identifier

Core in ProStudio is the use of a UNQUE IDENTIFIER which is one of the columns that always must be unique. This is the column that we use to separate two products from each other. This means that you cont identify a product by simply say “T-Shirt white”, the next time you want to shote a white t-shirt you will overwrite the data for the first white t-shirt.



Search and Filters

By using the search and filter function is easy to narrow down the product selection and and make actions on a smaller, more relevant data set. Searching will search on all the fields that you have in the product listing, weather it’s a specific color or a product name.


The filters are an additional feature to sort the data. In the filters view you may use funtions like:

  • And/OR
  • Include/Exclude


This makes it very easy to isolate products. Used in combination with the tagging function it becomes very powerful for planning purposes


The filter view is dependent on how filters have been configured, see “System Configuration/Product Attributes”



The “Projects” function is used to split up the product listing, it may be that you want to separate seasons or brands or clients (if you are a service provider)


Please see Product overview/Projects for more information

Search and Scan

This function is highly useful if you want to build a list of products that you want to work with and do multiple actions. This is super helpful if you want to start building a list and then leave "search and scan" to find more relevant info, the list will remain intact until you decide that you want to clear the list all together.

Once you have a list that you are satisfied with, you can perform multiple actions on this list without losing the selection.


The actions menu is used to manage your product data, it will hold actions like:

  • Add to work order
  • Check-in/out
  • Delete products
  • Edit products
  • Edit project(s)
  • Edit tags
  • Export to excel
  • Import
  • New product


These actions can be done on selected products. This means that you can update product data in bulk or one-by-one.



Columns are used to select what information you want to see when working with the platform. Note that this selection is user dependent and all users can have their own settings.


Product data

Standard configurations

When ProStudio is set up for the first time it is done using a template, we have different templates for:

  • Wholesale brands
  • Retailers
  • Content service providers


We acknowledge the fact that these have different requirements that are very unique to their type of operation. It also speeds up the process of onboarding as iyt give everyone a clear starting point


With these standard configuration will come some fields that are predefined. It will also come with some fields that cannot be deselected, these are:

  • Check-in/out – Related to sample management
  • NO assets – Indicates how many assets there are
  • Work orders – Where have this product been planned 


Customisation options

The standard fields can be renamed and reorganised to better suit any operation. Furthermore, new fields can be added and they can also be of other types then plain text fields. Please see “System Configuration/Product Attributes” for more information on how this is done.


NOTE: Customisation of product fields require that you have the “Custom Configuration” active. Please contact your system administrator or ProStudio for more information



Tags is a special feature that allows you to add tags to products to enhance filtering and serch capabilities. It may also support your team in easily understand how to plan different types of products.


For example: if you import a whole season and want to make a rough plan on what to shoot on model and what to shoot on Ghost, you can easily bsort and filter data and then tag the products according to market strategy.

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